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Are Homosexuals the only sexual abusers of boys Essay

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I do not agree with the idea that only homosexuals sexually abuse boys. This is a myth that has been instilled in people hence people grow up with the notion that male children can only be abused by homosexuals. Sexual abuse in boys has become common although in most cases it is unreported, under-treated or under-recognized. There is little knowledge concerning sexual abuse in boys which can be attributed to the few studies which are carried in this area.

Although it is not clear on the exact number of boys who are at risk of being sexually abused, it is estimated that one in every 6 boys is likely to be a victim of sexual abuse by the age of 16 years (Gartner, 2005). According to research, most male sexual abusers are likely to be males who are close to the victim but are not related to the victim. These perpetrators usually carry out the abuse away from their victim’s homes, do it repeatedly and often involve some kind of penetration. But sometimes, the perpetrators can be female. It is said that there are higher chances of boys being abused by female perpetrators as compared to girls.

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When female perpetrators are involved, they tend to persuade them rather than using force as opposed to the male perpetrators who often use force. Therefore, one cannot rule out the possibility of female perpetrators abusing male children because these cases do exist (Michele, 1993). According to Spiegel (2003), people tend to look down upon homosexual as the only male sexual abusers because of the way they are brought up by the society. Most societies believe that all homosexuals must have sex with boys and mostly small boys. Therefore, children are made to fear homosexuals because they are seen as child sexual abusers.

Considering this socially conditioned situation, it is difficult to change the opinion of the people about sexual abuse in male children. Hence, it is important for the society to start looking at the matter from different points of view such as: female can also sexually abuse young boys. Majority of these victims do not come to the limelight. In most instances, boys are sexually abused by women in parenting roles like mothers, aunts and grandmothers. This kind of abuse usually goes unreported because of the bond and royalty that exist between them.

Such abuses can also occur when a son is given the role of husband. The son is usually made to feel aligned to the mother and becomes protective such that he constantly wants to care for and please his mother. The mother may put the child in a protective position which eventually leaves the child feeling ineffectual and inadequate. Because of the protection from the father’s abuse, the abuse from the mother may seem less threatening compared to the father’s. Despite that, this kind of abuse finally has significant psychological effects to the child (Dorais & Meyer, 2002).

According to a study that was carried out by Dr. William C. Holmes about sexual abuse in small boys, it reveled that although majority of male sexual abusers are male, almost 90 %, there is also a significant number of female abusers with adolescent baby sitters accounting for almost half the population of female perpetrators. It is therefore important for proper measures to be put in place to ensure that boys are protected from sexual abuse from both male and female perpetrators because they are both involved in the abuse.

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