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English Language Learners Essay

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In this paper we will explain the theory behind English language learners, and give the benefits Of the program. One will show how important it is to practice and or adopt this program as a teacher. In the scenario the teacher was caught off guard he know nothing about using, programs to help him teach the new student. When the student first came into school there should have been an assessment as to how much the child knew. As the child came into the classroom the environment should have made her feel comfortable and safe to explore.

The teacher stated that he was frustrated because he did not understand the student native language. As after five months he didn’t know if the student was learning anything. The child would only nod her head or look at him to let him know she understood.

The teacher needs to know the stages of oral language development which are the following and the descriptions: 1. The silent period- The student may smile, make hand gestures, point at what they want and not say a word. This stage could last 10 hours, up to six months. 2. The early production stage- This stage could last up to another six months and what also could be expected is simple yes or no answer. At this stage one is not looking for complete conversation. 3. Speech emergences stage- This stage may last up to another year. In the stage the students are able to answer question in complete sentences however, they may make grammatical errors. 4. Intermediate stage- the student is able to make statements and answer in complete sentences.

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They are also able to give their own opinion, if they don’t understand they will make sure they understand what you are asking and or saying. 5. Advance stage- This student is able to speak in full sentences and write without making grammatical errors. This student can speak as well as an English speaking person. Reading the scenario I was concerned with Mikhail, he had been in the United States for two years and have not yet learned the grammar on his grade level. The teacher states that Mikhail is very well liked and can understand English very well but has poor writing skills. The teacher has no idea what to do next. ACTION PLAN

The action plan will be a plan set for all levels of ELLS learners. It will help new students that have not been in an English language learner’s class. It will also help student that have been in the United States for over two years. The first action plan that we are going to do to reduce the effective filtering (anxiety level) the reason for this is to make the students feel comfortable.

The more at ease the student is the more the student will learn. The students that are first time comers need to know that the teacher is there for them and they don’t have to second guess. Scaffolding would be one of the activities to help with effective filtering. SHOW AND TELL- This activity is a great example of scaffolding. The teacher would go first so that the students would know how it is to be done.

One could show them how to speak clear so that every student understands what they’re saying, it creates a great deal of vocabulary. In doing the show and tell it will allow you to get background on your students. This will allow you to develop a successful lesson plan. Lesson Plan

Fish in a bowl
Fish Bowl
The object of this lesson is to have the students listening, reading and writing. HOW TO PLAY
Each student will write a question on paper and put it into the fish bowl. Each student has to put in two question each. One would have to take a paper out of the fish bowl, and read the question and read it in front of the class during this time every one is quite.

There are 6 to 10 students sitting in a circle. Once all of the question are pulled and answered, they are put into a smaller group to talk amongst themselves to see how it feels to answer the questions. This activity will give the students listening, writing, reading and speaking activity. In this paper one has shown the importance of English Language Learners. One have shown that this program can be used by every level of English language learner.


http://www.edutopia.org/blog/scaffolding-lessons-six-strategies-rebecca-alber Syrja, R.C. (2011). How to reach and teach English language learners: Practical strategies to ensure success. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B0B0KWqGMI

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