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Management Manifesto Essay

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What is management? According to Kinicki Williams textbook “Management, management is defined as the pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work of people through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organization resources (Ch. 1, pg. 5 Management: A practical introduction). I believe in order to be an effective manager you must be a positive, goal orient, organized individual. I also believe an effective manager is an individual that motivates their staff and leads by example. I believe all managers should follow the management process. The management process is defined as performing the four principal functions of a manager to get things done. The four principal functions of the management process are, planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. In the management process Planning is defined as setting goals and deciding on ways to achieve those goals (Ch. 1 pg.14 Management: A practical introduction). For example Stetson University purpose is to give its students an awesome education. Each administrator and professor set this as a goal and spends the entire summer on preparing lessons and finding out ways to make this possible.

In the management process Organizing is defined as arranging tasks, people, and other resources to accomplish work (Ch. 1 pg.15 Management: A practical introduction). For example my supervisor takes the liberty of providing her staff with an event calendar for each month of the year. This keeps me and other coworkers prepared and well organized for upcoming events and tasks. In the management process you all have Controlling. Controlling is defined as monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and taking corrective action as needed (Ch. 1 pg.15 Management: A practice Introduction). For example an employee performance evaluation is due every three months in my company I work for. Last in the management process you have Leading. Leading is defined as motivating, directing, and otherwise influencing people to work hard to achieve the organizations goals (Ch. 1 pg.15 Management: A practical introduction). The company I work for has a department director who leads and directs me and other employees on how to work hard to achieve goals in our recreation department. There are different levels of management.

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You have Top managers, Middle managers, and First line managers. Top managers are managers that make long term decisions about the overall direction of the organization and establish the objective, policies, and strategies for its (Ch. 1 pg. 17 Management: A practical introduction). In my companies case the top manager would be my department director. Middle managers are managers that implement the policies and plans of the top managers above them and supervise and coordinate the activities of the first-line managers below them (Ch. 1 pg.17 Management: a practical introduction). In my companies case this will be my supervisor. First-line managers are managers that make short-term operating decisions, directing the daily tasks of no managerial personnel (Ch. 1 pg. 18 Management: practical introduction). In my companies case this will be me. When it comes to being a good manager, I believe along with following the management process you must coach your staff, counsel your staff, communicate with the staff, manage teams, take the lead, and most importantly value their employee’s contribution. In my current place of work I hold a first-line manager position. As manager I strive to be successful. Mission Statement

As a manager I will continue to be a positive team leader and role model. Self-SwotSwot also known as the situation analysis stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Swot analysis is divided into two parts: inside matters and outsides. Swot is the analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses and analysis of external opportunities and threats. Using the Swot analysis should provide managers with realistic understanding of your mission in a company.

Caring individual
Quality customer service skills
Organization skills
Great team player
Highly proficient in Microsoft Office
Swift learner
Efficient in meeting goals and quota
Experience in interacting with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services, and to handle and resolve complaints. Experience in marketing and sales
Lack of authority sometimes
Too caring
Emotional attached
Too trustworthy
To sympathetic
O-Opportunities (External Opportunities)
Community involvement
Ability to learn an gain from ever situation good or bad
Awesome problem solver
Ability to adapt to all opportunities
T-Threats (External Threats)
Health issues if I become sick I cannot attend work due to my position Competitors
Natural disasters
Budget fail
Lack of community involvement
Management Action Plan

My plan to help me continue to be a successful manager is to remember the keys and what I was taught throughout the course. I will use the management process to help me remain a successful manager and become a more successful manager. I will use this knowledge to become a hardworking, committed, and productive, and effective manager. Along with this I will develop a successful strategy that defines my vision and values. I will also translate the strategy define the strategic objectives and themes. I will plan operations by improving programs. I will test and adapt strategies by conducting performance analyses. Last but not least I will monitor and learn.

I will make sure to review strategy. To become a great manager I will make sure to improve personally and professionally. It is my desire to my utilizing past experience and qualifications to become an good manager. I will continue to be a team player that is willing to provide support to my employees. I will utilize my excellent interpersonal skills. To become a good manager I will continue not to be afraid of challenges or difficult situations. I have been recognized for strong commitment, follow-through, and ensuring optimal service and productivity. I plan to keep that up to become a great manager. This course has taught me all the ways to be a proficient manager. I will use this knowledge in the near future.

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Williams, Kimicki &. Management: A Practical Introduction. 5e ed. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print

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