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Travel with viola Essay

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•May 20, 1887
– Rizal and Viola arrived in the beautiful city of Vienna, capital of Austria-Hungary •Vienna was truly the
“Queen of Danube”
because of its beautiful buildings, religious images, haunting waltzes and majestic charm •Norfentals- one of the greatest Austrian novelists was favorably impressed by Rizal, and years later he spoke highly of Rizal, “whose genius he so much admired.”

•Hotel Metropole
– where Rizal and Viola stayed
•In Vienna, Rizal received his lost diamond stickpin.


•May 24, 1887
– Rizal and Viola left Vienna on a river boat to see the beautiful sights of the Danube River •Rizal particularly noticed that the passengers on the river boat were using paper napkins during the meals, which was a novelty to him. Viola, commented that the paper napkins were “more hygienic and economical than cloth napkins”.

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– where Rizal and Viola sojourned for a short time to savor the famous Munich beer, reputed to be the best in Germany •Nuremberg
– one of the oldest cities of Germany
•The Cathedral of Ulm
– the largest and tallest cathedral in all Germany

From Ulm, they went to Stuttgart, Baden and then Rheinfall (Cascade of the Rhine). At Rheinfall, they saw the waterfall, “the most beautiful waterfall of Europe”


•June 2 to 3, 1887
– stayed at Schaffhausen, Switzerland.


•This Swiss city is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, visited by world tourists every year •June 19, 1887
– Rizal treated Viola to a blow-out. It was his 26th
•Rizal and Viola spent fifteen delightful days in Geneva
•June 23, 1887
– Viola and Rizal parted ways—Viola returned to Barcelona while Rizal continued the tour to Italy •Exposition of the Philippines in Madrid, Spain
– Rizal was outraged by this degradation of his fellow countrymen the Igorots of Northern Luzon


•June 27, 1887
– Rizal reached Rome, the “Eternal City” and also called the “City of the Caesars”. •Rizal was thrilled by the sights and memories of the Eternal City. Describing to Blumentritt, the “grandeur that was Rome” he wrote on June 27, 1887.

•June 29, 1887
– the Feast Day of St. Peter and St. Paul, Rizal visited for the first time
the Vatican, the “City of the Popes” and the capital of Christendom. •Every night, after sightseeing the whole day, Rizal returned to his hotel, very tired. “I am tired as a dog,” he wrote to Blumentritt, “but I will sleep as a God”. •After a week of wonderful sojourn in Rome, Rizal prepared to return to the Philippines. He had already written to his father that he was coming home.

Some of the places Rizal went:
In Prague and in Italy
Rhein falls

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